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Whitegate Floor Care offers professional floor care services in Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire. Available for domestic and commercial premises, our floor care services offer affordable solutions for your floor care requirements, whether cleaning a carpet in your living room or restoring hard floors in a commercial property.

We use a highly skilled and experienced team of cleaning technicians that produce the highest quality work on every job. To show our commitment to quality, we provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee – if you aren’t happy with the final job we’ll continue cleaning until you are. 

Our floor cleaning services cover all types of floors, including carpets, hard floors, and wooden floors. We provide routine cleaning services for businesses while our cleaning technicians are fully insured with public liability and treatment risk insurance, giving our customers assurances that the job is in the right hands.

Floor Care In Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, our bespoke floor care services in Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire always delivers. We understand that cleaning requirements differ for each customer, which is why all solutions are tailor-made to suit every client, from homeowners that need a one-time service to commercial organisations seeking a long-term cleaning contractor.

All cleaning services are available on flexible schedules to meet the requirements of any business that requires floor care services. 

Here are some of the floor care services we current offer to residents and businesses: 

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet maintenance is often challenging without the right cleaning supplies and hardware. Fibres in the carpet naturally attract dust, dirt, grime, and bacteria, while spillages make the condition even worse. Add in foot traffic trampling the carpet and it begins to look worn and outdated very quickly.

Our carpet cleaning services offer solutions to all these common issues. We perform a deep clean that removes all traces of dirt, grime, and bacteria, leaving carpets looking and smelling fresh while restoring their natural shape and vibrancy.

Hard Floor Cleaning and Restoration

Hard floors are generally very durable, yet wear and tear does accumulate over time, especially without regular cleaning. Stains and marks that develop on hard floors are often difficult to remove without professional cleaning equipment, so let use take care of the hard work by removing any signs of damage on hard floors.

Whether you need a minor clean as part of on-going maintenance or require complete restoration of older hard floors, our hard floor care service has you covered. Floors are cleaned and polished to remove all signs of wearing, while restoration is available for hard floors that are uneven and damaged.

Wood Floor Restoration and Sanding

Wood floors remain popular in homes and business premises yet maintaining them is quite the challenge. With our wood floor restoration service, we completely clean, sand, and restore all types of wood flooring, ensuring their natural appearance shines through once more. 

We’ll strip away years of wearing in no time, leaving nothing but a beautiful wood floor free from stains and imperfections.

Feel free to contact us about our floor care services in Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire if you have any questions or would like to hire Whitegate Floor Care.

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Whitegate Floor Care is based in Ely and proud to cover the Cambridgeshire area. Offering professional, high-quality carpet cleaning, hard floor cleaning, floor restoration and wooden floor sanding with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

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